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import os
import sys
import json
import traceback
import argparse
import requests
from requests.exceptions import HTTPError, ConnectionError
from deriva.transfer import GenericDownloader
from import DerivaDownloadError, DerivaDownloadConfigurationError, \
    DerivaDownloadAuthenticationError, DerivaDownloadAuthorizationError, DerivaDownloadTimeoutError
from deriva.core import BaseCLI, KeyValuePairArgs, format_credential, format_exception, urlparse

[docs]class DerivaDownloadCLI(BaseCLI): def __init__(self, description, epilog, **kwargs): BaseCLI.__init__(self, description, epilog, **kwargs) self.parser.add_argument("--catalog", default=1, metavar="<1>", help="Catalog number. Default: 1") self.parser.add_argument("--timeout", metavar="<seconds>", help="Total number of seconds elapsed before the download is aborted.") self.parser.add_argument("output_dir", metavar="<output dir>", help="Path to an output directory.") self.parser.add_argument("envars", metavar="[key=value key=value ...]", nargs=argparse.REMAINDER, action=KeyValuePairArgs, default={}, help="Variable length of whitespace-delimited key=value pair arguments used for " "string interpolation in specific parts of the configuration file. " "For example: key1=value1 key2=value2")
[docs] @classmethod def get_downloader(cls, *args, **kwargs): return GenericDownloader(*args, dcctx_cid="cli/" + DerivaDownloadCLI.__name__, **kwargs)
[docs] @classmethod def download(cls, args): assert, "A hostname is required!" server = dict() server["catalog_id"] = args.catalog if"http"): url = urlparse( server["protocol"] = url.scheme server["host"] = url.netloc else: server["protocol"] = "https" server["host"] = downloader = cls.get_downloader(server, **vars(args)) return
[docs] def main(self): try: args = self.parse_cli() except ValueError as e: sys.stderr.write(str(e)) return 2 if not args.quiet: sys.stderr.write("\n") try: try: downloaded = sys.stdout.write("\n%s\n" % (json.dumps(downloaded))) except ConnectionError as e: raise DerivaDownloadError("Connection error occurred. %s" % format_exception(e)) except HTTPError as e: if e.response.status_code == raise DerivaDownloadAuthenticationError( "The requested service requires authentication and a valid login session could " "not be found for the specified host. Server responded: %s" % e) elif e.response.status_code == raise DerivaDownloadAuthorizationError( "A requested operation was forbidden. Server responded: %s" % e) except (DerivaDownloadError, DerivaDownloadConfigurationError, DerivaDownloadAuthenticationError, DerivaDownloadAuthorizationError, DerivaDownloadTimeoutError) as e: sys.stderr.write(("\n" if not args.quiet else "") + format_exception(e)) if args.debug: traceback.print_exc() return 1 except: sys.stderr.write("An unexpected error occurred.") traceback.print_exc() return 1 finally: if not args.quiet: sys.stderr.write("\n\n") return 0