Using deriva-sitemap-cli to create sitemaps

The deriva-sitemap-cli utility creates a sitemap containing record entries for all publicly-readable rows in one or more ermrest tables.

deriva-sitemap-cli [-h] [--version] [--quiet] [--debug] [--config-file config_file] [--catalog catalog_number] [-p priority] [-s schema] [-t table]

Each sitemap entry contains a URL to a record page and an estimate of when that page last changed (based on the last modified times of the row from the primary table referred to by that page and the corresponding rows from tables with single-valued foreign keys pointing at that table). The resulting sitemap is written to stdout.


-h, --help: print help

--version: Print version and exit.

--quiet: Suppress logging output.

--debug: Enable debug logging output.

--config-file config_file: Path to a configuation file. This should contain a JSON array of elements with schema, table, and (optionally) priority defined.

--catalog catalog_number: Catalog number (default 1)

-p priority, --priority priority: A floating-point number between 0.0 and 1.0 indicating the table’s priority (or, if a config file is used, for all tables that don’t have a priority specified explictly in the config file)

-s schema, --schema schema: The name of the schema of the (single) table to include

-t table, --table table: The name of the (single) table to include


Create a sitemap for the table MySchema:MyTable on the server

deriva-sitemap-cli -s MySchema -t MyTable

Create a sitemap for tables Animals:Dogs without a specified priority and Animals.Cats with priority 0.9:

deriva-sitemap-cli –config-file animal_tables.json

with this config file:

    {"schema": "Animals", "table": Dogs"},
    {"schema": "Animals", "table": Cats", "priority": "0.9"}